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You might think I am applying for a job at some airline company. I am not, but make me an offer;-)

Anyway. I dont know how many that checkin on internet, I allways do. And if you make it better even more might do it. And reduce time at airport and increase airline profit as a result.

When doing a long haul flight you get food. Often with some option. Veg or non-veg, or some other options. Make those choices part of he internet checkin and you will get two positive effects.

  1. The food of one choice will not run out. Everyone will get wat they want, as you will know that hours before the take off.
  2. Customers will use internet checkin even more as it gives them an advantage.

Yes the chicken was all taken when they got to me last trip. So therefore I offer this solution and way of increasing profit for airlines.


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Anyone that has been in a gate waiting for your turn to board? Everyone else seems to get on before you. Its platina that and gold this, silver something and all kinds of plus. And it takes ages.


So is it any good?


The people paying most board first, then the rest has to pass them to get to the rear end. Which means the sitting ones get bags banged in their heads. Its just stupid. Would you pay to get your head smacked by bags?


Another version is. We fill it up from the back. But any platinas/gold/whatever member or business/plus/paying extra passengers can board anytime. Which they do and just stop everything so no one can pass. Another version of the same stupidity.


A couple of times in the US they have done it in zones. First all window, then middle seats and last aisle seats. Much more effective. And research shows you can get on board much faster that way.


So why continue to do it in stupid ways? I dont think that its worth the cost of doing this for premium class first. Some airlines are even stopping to have one.


It was ages ago premium class was freely available for business travelers anyway.


Make it fast and efficient. Make the turnaround time faster and lower the fare.


And that’s how you adapt to changing customer needs. Don’t deliver today what the customer wanted and was prepared to pay for yesterday.


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It could be just one of these obvious things. Off course we deliver what the customer needs, we are product managers, right?

Why do we then see strange things. When I last sat on an airplane it hit me, they even have different clothes. No on the passengers (although they do off course), what I talk about was the cabin crew.

Lets be the customer! You buy a flight you want to

  • Get from A to B
  • Check in
  • Get a seat
  • Get something to eat and drink
  • Get off

More or less. So to what benefit for you are the numerous titles the cabin crew use ?

They are flight attendance, purser, head waiter and blah blah blah. They supposedly do different stuff, they even have different clothes to signal who is who.

And we passengers just don’t care.


We want coffee, we grab nearest cabin crew,

we want wine, we grab nearest cabin crew.


So all their titles, what good is it. For the customer none at all. For themselves obviously really important.

But hey, why are they there, for us or for them?

So make sure that what you deliver is of value to the customer, if is not, stop delivering it and find out what you should deliver instead.

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I had a surprisingly good day yesterday

  • Not surprisingly because I was surprised by the level of professionalism of my collaegue, I knew that already.
  • Not surprisingly because it was a creative day  that was expectedNot surprisingly because we got good results, I expected that

But surprisingly that just by spending a day face to face we proved that 1+1=3 and achieved more than I expected

We worked on navigation and user experience,

  • We had made some first mockups,
  • And a requirement spec
And then we discussed. Not always structured, but allowing us to go off on some side discussion. At the end of the day
  • We had a good understanding we shared
  • We had an enhanced spec
  • We had some really good ideas
  • We had covered short and long term.

Sometimes a good creative unstructured day, workshop, is all you need. And don’t try that over phone. I have and it is never the same.

Now we just need to sell the result to the other stakeholders.

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I recently came across a new application that is so obvious once you see it that everyone could have thought about it, but did they?

Video showing the transportation/tourist app

No, but some product manager at the local public transportation company in Gothenburg did. They had an app showing their transportation, the phones had GPS and they had a city full of tourists.

So someone obviously connected the dots and put tourist information into the app, and then connected these into a tour, so you could use the ordinary local transportation to get a narrated tour thruogh the city, full with info about the city, but also with directions on where and when to change public transportation. No need anymore for expensive tour operators.

As with most good product management its an elegant idea, easy to understand, useful and nothing fancy.

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First time I went to see my team in India (see reports from that trip here and here) I did not know what to expect. We were 4 Product Owners going and we prepared, had expectations, worked together and somehow it all went well. Next time I was more prepared and had this long list of what I wanted to achieve. The schedule was unrealistic and I achieved just some of my goals.

This time I made a list. I divided it into must do and nice to do. And I emailed it ahead. Knowing by now that

  1. It wold change
  2. Items would pop up
  3. Items would disappear
  4. They also had things they wanted from me/discuss with me
  5. It would all come together at the end
In the beginning i was frustrated over that it seemed so hard to do a schedule

On Monday I arrive, on Tuesday we go over UI, on Wednesday we plan sprint x…

That never worked. That’s the Swedish way. And to be honest, we work in different way, I sometimes find it hard to understand the funny people on that little British island. And my neighbors the Danes, don’t get me started. So off course we are wired different in Sweden and India.

So now i make a list and email it. Pursue a couple of items each day, and feel confident that by the end off the week all must dos and most nice to dos are done. They seem to be done even without that detailed schedule I seem to want. Swedish and Indian way of working actually goes well together, we just need to be aware of how the other do stuff.

So accept that we do things different, learn how others do, and adapt. Its all about give and take and understanding. Without that you will fail.

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Once again away to India. This time for almost 2 weeks with my old team and also take on another team as their product owner leaves for other duties.

It is allways exciting to get new work friends. This time I will meet them for the first time in person to start it off. I am sure it will be great fun. But it is allways a new unknown to be dealt with. One of the reasons is left life in consulting was because of the unknown element in new assignments. Well here we go again:-)

During this stay we have sprint reviews ,retrospectives and plannings. First time in person. Great.

Another item is to work with team and scrum masters on process. So much easier when a discussion about these things are face 2 face.

Lastly there is collaboration with uk based product owner. Just feeling strange to go to Mumbai to work with europeans.

Will get back later with reports. Now off to flight from Heathrow to Mumbai.

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